Google Maps For Entrepreneurs

Friends who will let you know what works and what doesn’t.

If you ask us what StartOmatic is, most of the times you will hear us saying,

“StartOmatic is the Google Maps For Entrepreneurs”

Some of you might quickly link us as someone who maybe helping entrepreneurs navigate through their journey. If you are one of them, high-five, you got it. For others who didn’t, let us elaborate it in detail and you will get the answer to the ultimate question: “Why Choose Us?”

Let us try to explain what StartOmatic is by providing an analogy with the features of Google Maps.

Feature #1

Nowadays whenever we have to go to an unknown place, we are quick to open the Maps application in our smartphone and simply search for the place. Quite easy.

But generally, when we want to work on our fabulous startup idea, do we do the same thing?

I mean refer and follow some proven techniques or guidelines. Most of the times, we don’t. Researchers and their statistics have told us that when we are on our own, the majority of us fail. Startups are cursed with uncertainty. For us to improve our chances of success, it’s wiser to follow some techniques that humanity has learned from some successful startups.

That’s precisely where StartOmatic helps you with following and implementing proven and tested techniques, models, and frameworks.

Feature #2
The Shortest Path

We all have heard these two famous quotes:

1) There’s no short path to success.
2) Work smart, not hard.

But isn’t finding the shortest path smart work?

StartOmatic helps you find such avenues using Lean Startup techniques and models.

But let’s consider, what’s the benefit of getting the shortest path to the destination?

You most probably will say that we save time and fuel.

Similarly, exploring multiple avenues to choose from and test your idea helps you save time, money and health in long terms.

Feature #3

When we are driving, our primary focus is on the road, and on handling our vehicle. As this is the case, it’s not possible for us to continuously have a smartphone in hand and stare at the screen. That’s why we have the Google Voice Feedback system that tells us which path to take.

And this is what we need in every aspect of our lives. Living in Indian society, we always had this kind of a support system around us. But while working on new startup ideas, we neglect to share it with someone who can add value to your idea and guide you based on their experiences. But at StartOmatic you get that friends, family, and connections who will be happy to see you achieving success. We will help you navigate through the uncertain journey that lies ahead.

Yes, on bad day navigation can sometimes land you at an unknown destination, but there’s always a way to come out of that. Maybe, the unknown destination can be a very beautiful place and you may even consider visiting that place again in the future!

Feature #4

If you look at the core of Google Maps, most of the helpful data that it provides us back is what it receives from people like us. Remember you adding photos at a particular venue, sharing your experience using reviews and ratings, adding new locations or even providing congestion data when you are stuck in the traffic. This data is actually what makes Google Maps so valuable.

But who feeds that?

We do. That’s the power of the public. It gets better through the contribution of many people. Equally, our techniques, models, and frameworks will get better day by day because we will be working with many different startups.

StartOmatic is also trying to build such a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem that they operate just as well if not more, like Google Maps. For that, we will need entrepreneurs like you to participate and make something valuable that benefits everyone in the ecosystem.

Feature #5

Let’s now consider this case, do we use Google Maps because there’s no other method of navigation to reach our destination?

No, not in the slightest. We don’t need to have Google Maps to reach our destination. We can always use traditional ways of navigation, like following the navigation signboards, physical maps, asking someone on the way or just using our instincts.

Then why do we prefer to open Google Maps?

Because it simply offers us reliability and more importantly – convenience.

It’s incredibly convenient to tap an icon on the screen, type the destination, find the shortest path and start the navigation.

Likewise, when it comes to learning and following verified techniques, models and frameworks to build a startup, is it like that we can’t learn and follow that on our own?

No. We surely can do that on our own.

It is merely the convenience you may want that StartOmatic wishes to provide. We at StartOmatic already have learned many such techniques and are always learning new ones so that we can implement those with the startups we are supporting.

Although we are the youngest team you may be seeking information from, we are working continuously with many entrepreneurs and startups to help them implement such models and frameworks. We can’t boast on our experience but we can surely boast on the industry-proven techniques we follow. 

So, let StartOmatic help you with exploring different avenues for your idea while you focus on executing it on the field.


1) StartOmatic follows proven and tested techniques, models, and frameworks to improve your chances of success.

2) StartOmatic helps you find multiple avenues for your idea using Lean startup techniques

3) StartOmatic help you to navigate through the uncertain startup journey before you.

4) StartOmatic provides you a complete ecosystem of entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, investors and service providers that can help you to grow much faster.

5) Most importantly, StartOmatic provides you with convenience so that you can focus on the implementation of your idea while we are there to help you with business planning.

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