Build The Website For Your Startup

“The website is only useful if that generate leads for your business”

Why we started this service?

We at StartOmatic teach entrepreneurs to follow Lean Techniques to utilize minimum resources and get maximum validated learning. Startups needs website to validate their idea. And it cost a lot of money. Initially we used to just tell the entrepreneurs to get it done from some web development agency.

But later we found that it gets more costlier as website for startups need a constant changes. Website for startup should be a pitch experiment. Tweak it until you get a good response. Moreover tracking and lead capturing integrations was not provided by those agencies.

At last, our founder Durgesh decided to start our own web development service which will specially cater to startup needs. Durgesh himself is a experienced WordPress developer and had run two web development companies before. He loves website development and in his spare time freelance for Colorado (USA) based web development agency. Click here to check his work.

To keep it simple, we have started two plans for you:

First Plan
Landing Page Website

This is a website pattern that is in much trend these days. Mostly used by marketers. Startups should use this in their MVP experiments.

A single page which should be your MVP. Yes, website is also an MVP and can help you get your idea validated. Why waste lot of time and money on building the product itself.

Create a simple landing page that explain your product and see how many people actually fill the contact form or show interest in it.

Plan start at just ₹10,000.

Yes. It’s that budget efficient. We help entrepreneurs to utilize their funds in proper way. We know Startups are already low on funds. So we have kept the pricing low.

Second Plan
Starter Website

This is a 4-5 page website. Once you know that people are showing some interest in your idea through our landing page website, we can go ahead with creating additional pages. 

In this website, we will also add a blogging functionality to bring more organic traffic to website.

If your startup or business needs multiple pages to showcase your offerings, you should opt for this.

Plan start at just ₹15,000.

What you get in both plans?

1) WordPress Powered Backend
2) Blogging Functionality
3) Lead Magnet form to convert visitors into leads.
4) Integration with Email Marketing platforms like MailChimp so that you can run email campaigns.
5) Option to choose from 100’s of attractive pre-made templates.
6) Access to 1000’s of plug and play functionalities like social media sharing, newsletters and many more.

We do not provide premium themes, domain name and hosting, as the costs of them are highly variable. We want that it should your choice to you choose them as per your budget and requirement. But don’t worry we will assist you to choose the best that suits your requirements.

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