Every entrepreneur have at least 3 ideas to build a successful startup

It’s hard to choose the right idea to start with!

The discovery sessions with StartOmatic showed me the direction to put my efforts into building a startup. The discovery sessions helped me in getting clear with my own idea as well as stretching the idea. A perfect way for any person to step into the entrepreneurial environment.

– Nishant Ughade, First-time Entrepreneur


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How we help you in choosing the right idea?

No matter how great idea do you have, the success of it depends on its execution.

We have heard this many times. And it’s true. But this doesn’t imply that with great execution every idea can be successful!

Before you start by selecting one of the many ideas you have and start executing it, we can help you choosing the right idea for you.

The process is simple. You tell us your top 3 ideas. Our team along with you will brainstorm to map each idea with the following 5 attributes.

1) How many people are willing to pay for it?
2) Why you are best fit to work on it?
3) How easy is it to validate that idea?
4) Can we build a sustainable business around that idea?
5) What unfair advantage do we have?

And the best part of this process is, it’s FREE!


We don’t charge you anything for this.

We want to see the entrepreneurial ecosystem grow. We want more entrepreneurs to come forward to build startups.

Time is a precious resource for entrepreneurs.

We want you to spend it smartly working on the right idea THAT YOU CAN EXECUTE BRILLIANTLY!